Public Health Updates

Carondelet Center is now open for events and excited to see everyone again! As a ministry of hospitality, it was extremely difficult for us to have our doors closed for so long. Now that we have reopened, we want to share some of the changes that have taken place.

Our main goal is to continue to keep staff, guests and others safe, while still offering a friendly and generous reception. We will continue to follow the Governor’s orders, making operational changes as needed and update them as new information becomes available. Below is a list of our current practices.

  • Carondelet Center will remain closed. The building will only be open when there is an event in house.
  • All meeting rooms will be at 25% capacity.
  • Room set ups will be modified to accommodate the social distancing requirements.
  • Only one person in the bathrooms at a time (please schedule your breaks to accommodate this).
  • Only one person in the elevator at a time.
  • Masks are required.
  • Hand sanitizer will be kept in the individual meeting rooms and common areas i.e. reception desk and open areas.
  • Signs will be placed throughout the building as reminders.
  • Public spaces are roped off and closed, like the library and hospitality area. Please do not enter these areas.
  • We will be offering individual boxed meals and snacks. As a reminder, all food and beverage must be ordered through Carondelet Center.

We appreciate the opportunity to continue providing you with our welcoming hospitality. If there is anything we can do to help, please let us know. Please reach out to our Event Coordinator at or 651-696-2741 so we can discuss any questions.

Combining Victorian elegance with modern meeting formats, Carondelet Center offers a unique and charming venue for your event.

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